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What is a "Trust and Estate" Attorney?

There is no set definition when it comes to a "trust and estate attorney." Generally speaking, trust and estate attorneys focus on helping clients plan for the transfer of their assets to their chosen beneficiaries, including family, friends, and charities. Trust and estate attorneys accomplish this in two primary focus areas: 1) Estate Planning: discussing and executing a series of documents to plan for the management and distribution of one's estate; and 2) Estate and Trust Administration: assisting executors, administrators, and trustees in carrying out the plan after the "triggering event" (most commonly death or incapacity).

Every client's situation is different; family structures vary, as do the financial profile of each client. There is no set size of estate that requires a trust and estate attorney, just as there is no set make-up when it comes to assets. Some clients have family to include in their plan, and some do not. Some clients include charities in their plan, and some do not. Clients own differing mixtures of assets, including real estate, retirement investments, non-retirement investments, life insurance, business interests, and personal property. Coordinating a plan for each unique situation, and helping execute that plan after death, is the job of a trust and estate lawyer. In the end, on behalf of their clients, trust and estate attorneys:

1) Construct estate plans with an eye towards family dynamics and tax mitigation.

2) Probate and administer an estate for clients who are appointed as executor or administrator.

3) Represent a client's best interests as a beneficiary of an estate or trust.

4) Represent various parties to trust or estate litigation.

Attorneys Dana A. Bennett and Jason L. Wyatt of Bennett & Wyatt, LLC, have spent their entire careers devoted to helping clients with trust and estate planning, trust and estate administration, tax issues, probate issues, charitable gift planning, trust and estate litigation, and elder law. From basic estate planning to setting up private foundations, Dana and Jason have the skill and experience necessary to help you achieve your goals.

Trust & Estate Counsel Focused on Tax Issues

Clients looking for a Trust and Estate attorney are sometimes motivated by a desire to minimize the taxation of their estate. Luckily, to help clients meet these needs, after completing a standard law degree (Juris Doctor), an attorney has the option of going back to law school to earn an advanced degree called an LL.M., or Master of Laws degree. Dana A. Bennett holds an LL.M. in taxation from New York University School of Law, and Jason L. Wyatt holds an LL.M. in taxation from New York Law School. Understanding how to minimize the tax burdens that clients face has been a central mission for the entirety of Dana and Jason's careers. Careful estate planning and administration is the key to protecting your estate from undue tax burdens.

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