Minimizing Taxes on Estates and Gifts through Effective Planning and Administration

Providing for your loved ones is a key goal in most estate plans. Being able to achieve that goal means that you need to protect and preserve the value of your estate. Taxes are one of the key ways in which your estate is likely to be diminished.

Careful estate planning by an attorney who has training and experience in minimizing tax burdens is an important component of preserving the full value of your estate for your loved ones. Furthermore, understanding income, inheritance, estate, and trust tax filings and reporting is an important component of making sure that the correct amount — and nothing additional — is paid.

Attorney Dana A. Bennett has almost 20 years of estate planning experience; attorney Jason L. Wyatt has more than 11 years' experience. Both lawyers hold LL.M. degrees in taxation, from New York University School of Law and New York Law School, respectively. Their depth of knowledge and practical experience in dealing with tax issues allow them to prevent clients' estates from suffering undue depletion by taxes.

Review and Revision of Estate Plans

In addition to drafting estate plans "from scratch," the attorneys at Bennett & Wyatt, LLC, are also able to review existing plans to suggest updates or modifications.

Proper Tax Filings during Trust and Estate Administration

In addition to using knowledge of taxes to craft estate plans that are effective at minimizing tax burdens, the attorneys at Bennett & Wyatt are also able to assist with tax issues and filings in conjunction with estate plans drafted by other attorneys, including:

  • Preparation of tax returns for the estate or trust
  • Handling audits of the estate by taxing authorities

Decades of Estate Planning and Estate Administration Experience Focused on Tax Issues

At Bennett & Wyatt, LLC, attorneys Dana A. Bennett and Jason L. Wyatt are focused on helping clients preserve the value of their estates so that they can provide the maximum benefit to their heirs and loved ones. No one should have to worry about the severity of the impact taxes will have on how they are able to help their loved ones once they are gone. With proper planning and representation as the estate is administered, taxes can be kept to a minimum.

Estate Tax Attorney Serving Monmouth County, Ocean County and throughout New Jersey and New York

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