Business Succession Attorneys

For those who have worked hard to build a business, concerns about how to successfully transition ownership to the next generation or third party need to be effectively addressed. You cannot afford mistakes nor allow them to derail the transfer of the business you have spent so many years working to build.

There are different ways to enact a successful business succession plan. Competent advice and counsel is important in achieving these goals, especially in the face of changing tax laws.

Attorney Dana A. Bennett or Jason L. Wyatt will examine your situation, look at your goals and the context of your situation to make recommendations that help you secure a successful transition of the ownership of your business to your children.

Decades of Estate Planning Experience

At Bennett & Wyatt, LLC, attorney Dana A. Bennett has been helping people achieve their business succession goals since 1996. Attorney Jason L. Wyatt has practiced since 2005. Their experience in creating effective plans that are able to pass ownership of a family business from one generation to the next has helped many business owners realize their dreams of being able to pass on what they have built to the next generation. Attorneys Bennett and Wyatt understand the complexities that are involved in such transfers and they can help ensure that all appropriate documentation and planning are carried out effectively.

Family Business Planning Attorneys Serving Monmouth County, Ocean County, and throughout New Jersey and New York

When the time comes to transfer ownership of your business to your heirs, turn to Bennett & Wyatt, LLC, for experienced counsel that offers the guidance you need to make the right choices. To schedule an initial consultation with a business succession lawyer, call 732-268-7520 or contact the office online.